9 Different Ways to Do Burpees

It’s tough to find someone who actually likes doing burpees. But if you ask around enough, you’ll definitely find a lot of people who hate them, yet do them anyway because they feel so hardcore.

One of the problems with this high-intensity exercise (and why some fit pros say you should just avoid them if you really don’t like them) is that it’s easy to sacrifice your form. Burpees are freakin’ hard, and they’re often done quickly, so there’s a greater risk you’ll pull or tweak something if you force yourself to get through them.

“Burpees are really hard for people because they’re a full body exercise that involve both strength and cardio while being on the ground and your feet,” Jessica Sims, a NASM-certified personal trainer at the Fhitting Room in New York City, tells SELF. “On top of all of this, they also involve balance and coordination. Also, there’s a lot of hype about burpees which can cause people to be nervous about trying them, so part of it is mental.”

Some of the good things about burpees? “They’re incredibly convenient because they require no equipment so you can do them anywhere, they’re a total-body workout, and they also combine both cardio endurance and strength training,” Sims says. And there are so many ways to do them that you might just find one that works for you.

Here, Sims demos nine ways to do a burpee, progressing from easiest to hardest. “These progressions are great because they help with mobility, which is another crucial component of the burpee,” she says. The easier versions that don’t include the jump are great to start with, and then you can choose to work your way up…or not. Without the explosiveness, these moves are still great for building strength in your arms, core, butt, and legs, Sims says. Already comfortable with a classic burpee? We’ve got ideas for you to challenge yourself even more.

Disclaimer: There is no shame in choosing the easiest variation. Or just not doing them at all. You’ve got lots of exercise choices, people. It’s a beautiful, sweaty thing.

Source Article from http://www.self.com/gallery/ways-to-do-a-burpee